Keep The Wreath Lighted!

Keep The Holiday Wreath Lighted!

Help AVFD Keep the Wreath Lit

Holidays are a time of celebration and being with family, but we deal with an increase in fire calls during the season.

The leading causes of holiday fires includes: cooking, candles, short circuits in decorative lights, combustible holiday decorations as well as fires caused by home-heating appliances, including electric or kerosene space heaters and of course chimney fires.

Again this year, to bring awareness to our community about the fire dangers during the holidays, the Ashford Vol Fire Department will be displaying a holiday wreath decorated in all red lights. Throughout the holiday season (Thanksgiving to New Years), for each fire we are called to, one white light will replace a red light on the wreath.

As you drive by, glance over to see if any of the red light bulbs have changed to white. That action, even if just a fraction of second, subconsciously prompts a reminder to our citizens of our holiday fire safety messages. It’s a subtle reminder that fires are always possible during the holidays, and that your department will be there if they need you.

Will you help us Keep the Wreath Lighted?

Ashford Vol Fire Dept wishes everyone a Safe & Happy holiday season!