Open Burning Permit

Campfires are lawful on single and two-family property without a permit provided you are burning clean “non-processed” firewood, the fire is constantly attended, it is not exposing any property to loss by fire and it is not generating any neighborhood complaints. For any questions, concerns or to report any problems regarding open burning please contact either the fire department or local burn official. And as always if you are experiencing an emergency please dial 911.

The burning of brush only (not in excess of three inches diameter) is allowed by permit on residential property upon which the owner resides. Open burning upon agricultural property is also authorized for legitimate agricultural purposes. The application must be presented to the local burning official either via email or dropped off at Station 20. Please note that the burning of any leaves, processed wood, or construction or demolition debris cannot be approved under any circumstances.

Utilize the links below to access the Residential Open Burn Permit (online form and paper copy). The permit will need to be returned electronically via email or delivered in person to the Ashford Fire Department, Station 20. If you choose to use the online application it will automatically be sent to the burn official and you will receive a confirmation email. Please allow up to a week for a response from the burn official, in most cases you should hear back within a couple days.